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Curreri Viaggi Naples Airport bus Outside Sorrento Railway Station

Curreri Viaggi Naples Airport bus outside Sorrento Railway Station

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Naples Airport (NAP flight code) also known as Capodichino Airport or Naples International Airport is situated just 7km north east of Naples city centre. By road direct to Sorrento it's the best part of an hour travelling past Pompeii. However, severe traffic delays are routine during the peak summer months.

If you are flying into Naples Airport and have booked a hotel in Sorrento independently there are four main options open to you to make the transfer. There is no universal best option, each has its own market.


In order of price, cheapest to most expensive, these are:

  • Cheapest option is to take the airport bus from Naples airport to Central Station in the city of Naples then get the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento. This is very stressful, the train will be crowded and you'll probably have to stand for most of the journey.

  • Curreri Viaggi run a regular long standing scheduled bus between Naples and Sorrento. Timetables are erratic and seasonable but are about every two hours.

  • The money no object options are door-to-door private car, pre-booked of course. One very attractive option if you have a late flight or will arrive before check-in is to visit Pompeii along the way.

Naples Airport bus & Circumvesuviana train

In summary this is the cheapest option, but with luggage its going to be an ordeal - a matter of gritting your teeth and thinking what you will do with the handful of Euros you will save.

The journey is two stage, an airport bus between Naples Airport and Naples Centrale Station, then the Circumvesuviana train between Naples and Sorrento.


Note, there also fast boat services between Sorrento and Naples Ferry Port.

Trains to Sorrento run about every 30 minutes and take well over an hour and the probability is you will have to stand for much of the way or sit on your luggage. So in total you will be doing well to do the journey within 2 hours.

Naples Airport bus details

Circumvesuviana Train details


Curreri Viaggi Sorrento - Naples Airport bus

Curreri Viaggi are a local operator who have operated a scheduled bus service between Sorrento and Naples Airport for many years. Vehicles are full size coaches like that pictured above.

At Naples Airport the buses depart from in front of the passenger terminal and a small bus station some 5 minutes' walk down the approach road where the bus parks/terminates.


You pay the driver in cash on boarding. There are no seat reservations and your luggage goes in the luggage hold under the passenger cabin.


Frequencies are seasonable and broadly every 1 to 2 hours depending on season and time of day travelling.

The route goes non-stop along the motorway/freeway to Pompeii then follows the coast road all the way to Sorrento with stops in the main villages and towns along the way.


The bus terminates in the forecourt of Sorrento Station directly opposite the main entrance. If you are staying to the east of Sorrento the bus stops in the centre of Sant'Agnello which may be more convenient.

If your hotel offers a free shuttle bus service it will not come to the train station. The hotels use a few different points around the town to drop off that can be a longish walk from the station. Best to get this sorted out in advance with your hotel as there is little/if any information on the ground and taxis in Sorrento are expensive.

Naples - Sorrento Airport Bus Tickets

Private door to door transfers between Naples Airport & Sorrento hotels

The service is door to door with a choice off vehicle sizes. Your flight will be tracked and if delayed the driver will adjust the arrival time at the airport.


At the airport after you have collected your luggage, the driver will meet you at the Arrivals Hall located outside the customs area. The driver will be holding a sheet with the lead passenger's name.

In the opposite direction from Sorrento the driver will meet you at reception or the front door of your accommodation.

The Sorrento hotel area covers a large area including the resorts of Sant'Agnello and up into the hills behind Sorrento Town.

Transfers can be arranged to the whole peninsular including Positano and Amalfi.

Naples Airport - Sorrento Private Car tRANSFERS
Naples - Sorrento Private Taxi Transfers

Visit Pompeii as part of your Naples - Sorrento ground transfer

Avoid killing time at the airport or waiting to check-in at hotel or cruise ship

Ideal if you have a late flight and have to check out of your accommodation hours early or hang around at your accommodation waiting for your room to come free.

Why not use your arrival/departure day productively? As part of the transfer get some world class sightseeing in before arriving at the airport, hotel or cruise terminal.

Naples - Sorrento Tour Transfers Visiting Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius

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