The Best Way To Travel Between Naples Airport and Sorrento

Make an informed choice travelling between Naples Airport and Sorrento

Curreri Viaggi Naples Airport Bus Outside Sorrento Railway Station

Curreri Viaggi Naples Airport Bus Outside Sorrento Railway Station

Naples Airport (NAP flight code) also known as Capodichino Airport is situated just 7 kms north east of Naples city centre. By road direct to Sorrento its best part of an hour, travelling past Pompeii. However, severe traffic delays are routine during the peak summer months.

If you are flying into Naples Airport and have booked a hotel in Sorrento independently there are three main options open to you to make the transfer.

In order of price, cheapest to most expensive, these are:

  • The cheapest option is to take the airport bus from Naples Airport to Central Station in the city of Naples then get the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento.

  • Curreri Viaggi run a regular scheduled bus between Naples and Sorrento. Timetables are erratic and seasonable but crudely are about every two hours.

  • The money no object option is of course a private car pre-booked.

Naples Airport Bus & Circumvesuviana Train

As yet the Naples Metro system has not been extended out to the airport so for visitors arriving at the airport and wanting to get to Central Station its a simple matter of getting the airport bus that starts from a small bus station in front of the passenger terminal.

The airport bus runs broadly at 20 minute frequencies, (30 minutes at the weekend) between 6 a.m. and about midnight. Journey time is scheduled at around 15 minutes to Central Station, the bus then goes onto the port where it terminates. Note, there also fast boat services between Sorrento and Naples Ferry Port.

Central Station (Stazione Centrale) is the main Naples train station just to the east of the city centre. The Circumvesuviana Trains stop at a physically separate set of platforms to the main train station with their own separate ticket barriers and is called Garibaldi Station. It can be confusing but basically Garibaldi, Central Station and Stazione Centrale are all the same station. Trains to Sorrento run about every 30 minutes and take well over an hour.

Naples Airport Bus - Full Details

Circumvesuviana Train - Full Details

Curreri Viaggi Sorrento - Naples Airport Bus

Curreri Viaggi are a local operator that have operated a scheduled bus service between Sorrento and Naples Airport for many years. Vehicles are full size coaches like that pictured above.

Naples Airport Bus At Naples Airport Bus Station

Naples Airport Bus At Naples Airport Bus Station

At Naples Airport the buses depart from in front of the passenger terminal.

You pay the driver in cash on boarding. There are no seat reservations and your luggage goes in the luggage hold under the passenger cabin.

Frequencies are seasonable and broadly every 1 to 2 hours depending on season and time of day travelling.

The route goes non-stop along the motorway/freeway to Pompeii then follows the coast road all the way to Sorrento with stops in the main villages and towns along the way.

The bus terminates in the forecourt of Sorrento Station directly opposite the main entrance. If you are staying to the east of Sorrento the bus stops in the centre of Sant Agnello which may be more convenient.

If your hotel offers a free shuttle bus service it will not come to the train station. The hotels use a few different points around the town to drop off that can be a longish walk from the station. Best to get this sorted out in advance with your hotel as there is little/if any information on the ground and taxi's in Sorrento are expensive.

Curreri Viaggi - Official Website

Private Door To Door Transfers Between Naples Airport & Sorrento Hotels

The fastest and most stress free airport transfer is by private vehicle. After you have collected your luggage, the driver will meet you at the Arrivals Hall located outside the Customs Area. The driver will be holding a sheet with the Lead Passenger's name.

Each traveller is allowed maximum 1 pieces of luggage. Oversized or excessive luggage (e.g. surfboards, golf clubs or bikes) is accepted on application but may incur a surcharge.

You prepurchase the transfer at the time of booking and simply hand the confirmation to the driver.

Naples Airport Private Car To Sorrento

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