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A range of guided day tours from Rome visiting some world class attractions

Typical Rome Day Tour Touring Coach</p>

Typical Rome Day Tour Touring Coach

Day Tours from Rome Overview

If you haven't the time or inclination to do a full tour of Italy, many of the top attractions in Italy can be visited by a long day tour from a Rome base. No need to pack your luggage and go through the tedious transfer process to another hotel.

By far the most popular single attraction from Rome are the famous ruins of Pompeii. There are several tours from Rome that twin Pompeii with other local attractions to Pompeii, the most popular being Mount Vesuvius or Naples.

You can also have an option of bypassing the long road trip to Pompeii by taking a fast express train to Naples from where tours to Pompeii leave from the station at Naples.

In the other direction from Rome (north), Florence is within range of a day trip, as is a tour of the Italian countryside and medieval towns and villages of Umbria and Tuscany.

Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius & Naples Tours

Europe's only active volcano, Vesuvius is infamous for causing the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79AD and has erupted many times since – today it's regarded as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Hiking the active volcano is the only way to truly experience the magic of Mt. Vesuvius.

The 20-minute upward hike to the crater takes you through soft volcanic ash and pumice, and the views from the top are worth the effort!

Alternatively, you can stay on the ridge of the volcano and admire the views.

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii, sitting in the ominous shadow of Vesuvius. During your personalized tour of Pompeii's remarkably well preserved ruins, you'll discover why this UNESCO World Heritage Site continues to shock and fascinate over 2.6 million people who venture here each year.

The now ruined city of Pompeii was once a sprawling metropolis of shops and residences, restaurants, gyms and brothels.

You can walk Pompeii’s main streets just as the ancient Romans did – the stones are still worn with tracks from the drawn carriages that used them nearly 2,000 years ago.

You'll also visit the forum, the centre of Pompeii’s political and social life, and view the startling plaster death casts of the victims of the catastrophic eruption that destroyed the city of Pompeii.

Naples is a historic major city close by Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius and as you would expect plenty of historic monuments to view and stories to hear.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Day Tour from Rome Tickets & Prices

Pompeii Day Tour from Rome Tickets & Prices

Naples To Rome By Train With Tour To Pompeii From Naples Railway Station
(Option For Mount Vesuvius)

An alternative to the fully comprehensive coach day tour from Rome is to do the long distance between Rome and Naples by train. This gives you more flexibility in Naples too.

Frecciarossa Train - Rome to Naples In 70 Minutes

Frecciarossa Train
Rome to Naples In 70 Minutes

There are three or four trains an hour between Rome Termini Station and Naples Central Station, the fastest trains taking just 70 minutes.

The tour bus leaves Naples Central Station at 10:30 a.m. so there is plenty of time for a train down from Rome prior to boarding

The tour to Pompeii lasts 3 hours so you are back in Naples mid-afternoon with freedom to explore the parts of Naples that interest you before getting a late train back to Rome.

There is a second tour option that leaves Naples Station at the same time that after visiting Pompeii goes up to Mount Vesuvius before returning to Naples.

Rome To Naples By Train Then Pompeii By Tour Bus From Station - More Details

Florence, Umbria and Tuscany Tours

Florence Day Tour From Rome Tickets & Prices

Assisi and Orvieto Tour from Rome Tickets & Prices
Popular Day Tours From Rome

Full Guided Tours With Admissions

Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius    €134

Vesuvius 1.5 hrs, Pompeii 2 hrs+lunch

Pompeii & Naples    €122

Morning Naples, Walking tour Pompeii in afternoon.

Pompeii & Amalfi Coast    €235

Morning Amalfi Coast, tour Pompeii afternoon.

Florence - Fully Guided Coach Tour    €156

Highlights of Florence including lunch

Florence By Train Day Tour   from  €115.00

Highlights of Florence including lunch

Capri    €129.20

Full day tour of the Island of Capri.

Assisi & Orvieto    €103.00

A Taster of Tuscany & Umbria.

Express Train To Naples Then Tour To Pompeii / Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii From Naples Station    €58.00

Independent train Rome to Naples

Pompeii + Mont Vesuvius     €90.00

Independent train Rome to Naples

Budget Tourist Buses For Independent Exploring (One-Way/Return)

Pompeii    €68.00 return only

Shuttle to/from Pompeii entrance

Florence    €32.50 one-way, €37.50 return

Bus to/from Florence centre + Florence HoHo Sightseeing Bus

Naples    €31.00 one-way, €40.00 return

Bus to/from Naples centre + Naples HoHo Sightseeing Bus

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