Where to stay in Rome

Our guide to accommodation types and Rome's hotel areas

Rome hotel areas

The Colosseum Rome

Colosseum & Roman Forum

A mix of hotel types available within walking distance of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. The Rione Monti district up the hill towards Termini Station has an authentic village like feel and is very popular.

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Ancient city of Rome Trevi Fountain

Ancient City of Rome

The old ancient city of Rome where the majority of what you came to Rome to see is located. The ancient buildings, narrow lanes with little/no traffic means nearly all hotels are small and with character.

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Termini Station Rome

Termini Station

Termini Station is the transport hub for both local transport and to the airports. It has more hotels than any other area and prices are very competitive, spanning all hotel sectors.

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Vatican City Italy

Vatican City

On the other side of the river from the ancient city, the area around Vatican City has a wide range of accommodation, with a good number of small family owned bed & breakfast hotels.

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Via Vento Villa Borghese Rome

Via Vento & Villa Borghese

Perhaps the most exclusive district to stay in Rome. You'll find many of the most expensive hotels in Rome are at the top of Via Venetto, adjacent to the beautiful parkland of Villa Borghese.

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surburban hotels in rome

Hotels in Suburbs

Rome is highly seasonal. At peak periods rooms in the the centre are expensive. Choosing a hotel in the suburbs with good transport links can create dramatic savings, for a small inconvenience.

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Hotels with parking in Rome

Hotels for motorists

Parking is almost an art form in the centre of Rome, no place for a visitor not used to the tight spaces and double parking. Find a hotel with parking and use public transport to get around.

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passenger at airport

Fiumicino Airport hotels

Rome Fiumicino airport is near the coast, west of Rome city centre about 25 kms distance. There is one hotel where you can walk to the passenger terminals and a few hotels with shuttles.

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Other popular hotel areas in Italy

Hotels in Venice

Venice hotels

Understandably you need to book quality hotels early in Venice, especially in high season. You also should factor in their location within Venice to guarantee a relaxing stay.

bed and breakfast hotels in Florence

Florence hotels

Florence has a range of hotels available although room rates can be high, especially in peak season.  Most of the luxury hotels are individually run and not global chains.

hotels in Naples

Naples hotels

Naples is a large city, but for the visitor there are just three main hotel districts, by the main railway station, in the historic centre and along the waterfront - the most exclusive location.

hotels in Sorrento

Sorrento hotels

Sorrento has a wide range of hotels available and is perhaps biased towards the luxury end of the hotel market, but there are some budget options available too.

Types of accommodation in Rome

Budget hotels in Rome

Budget hotels

Accommodation suitable for the leisure visitor found throughout Rome. There are few mid-range chain hotels and at the moment no low cost budget chains in the centre. The majority are independent 3-stars.

bed and breakfast hotels in Rome

Bed & breakfast hotels

Cheap accommodation in mostly family owned establishments, often just a handful of rooms. Found mostly around Termini Station and Vatican with some in the ancient city itself.

4 star and 5 star luxury hotels in Rome

Luxury hotels

Few large international chains are represented in the centre of Rome itself. Facilities and ambience vary enormously and room rates are highly seasonal. Most of the available options are independent hotels.

Apartments, Studio Apartments and Aparthotels in Rome

Apartments & Aparthotels

A good range of studio, one and two bedroom apartments are available for short-term letting of a day or more. These are spread thinly across Rome with some aparthotels available. All are fully furnished.

Airbnb Rome

Airbnb Rome

From private room hire in a property to the hire of entire flats or houses, Airbnb Rome offers something for every need and budget, connecting hosts and travellers.

Backpacker hostels in Rome

Backpacker hostels

The cheapest mostly dormitory style accommodation aimed at the young and young at heart. A wide range of hostels are available. Most have kitchen, bars, luggage storage etc.

Family rooms in Rome hotels

Family rooms

If you are a family or a small group it is possible to get larger rooms in most sectors. Choice is largest in the budget hotels, but we detail rooms for up to six people in all sectors.

Single hotel rooms in Rome

Single hotel rooms

Single travellers sometimes have no choice but to pay the same price as a double/twin room. We have highlighted options across all hotel grades with rooms for one person.

Major chain hotels in Rome

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