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Civitavecchia Train from Rome at station

Civitavecchia: train from Rome at station


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Where is Civitavecchia in relation to Fiumicino airport ?

Civitavecchia is a medium size town about 80km north west of Rome, Italy. Fiumicino Airport is west of Rome on the coast south of Civitavecchia, by car around an hour's drive.

Civitavecchia is a major ferry port as well as cruise ship port.

There are several transport options between Civitavecchia and Fiumicino airport. You only need to go into Rome itself if you want to sightsee along the way. This page details your transfer choices.

Rome to Civitavecchia by train, the cheapest transfer

There are no direct scheduled public bus services between Rome Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia, but there is a frequent rail service between Civitavecchia and Rome Fiumicino airport that requires a change of train on the edge of the city of Rome.

Train is the cheapest transfer option by far, for a transfer between Civitavecchia and Rome Fiumicino Airport.

The downside of using the train for cruise transfers

Civitavecchia railway station is about a mile/ over 1km from the cruise port.

The Rome to Civitavecchia train service is frequent but punctuality is not a strong point and delays are frequent.

At the interchange station where you change trains you may well have to carry your luggage up and down several flights of stairs.

Most trains are commuter style with no seat reservations, no luggage porterage and dedicated luggage storage within the carriage is designed for small bags. Much smaller than a typical aircraft cabin interior.

Most of the day the trains are not very full, but at peak commuter times you may not get a seat and have to stand.

So if you are old/frail or are travelling heavy (more than a large bag of 20kg/44lbs and a small shoulder bag) a cruise transfer by train may not be a great way to start/finish your cruise.

Rome - Civitavecchia cruise port by train - full details


Civitavecchia Express - Non stop Rome train for cruise travellers

In February 2019 a new service was launched called the Civitavecchia Express. This service is designed for cruise passengers, as it connects Civitavecchia with Roma San Pietro and Roma Ostiense stations. Civitavecchia station is about a mile from the cruise port but there are plenty of taxis and a local bus available to take you there. Although this train is mainly designed for visiting Rome and returning to the port on the same day, you could also use it as a transfer tour by visiting Rome and then taking a train from Central Rome to Rome Fiumicino AIrport. You will have to consider your luggage and what you intend to do in Rome before contemplating taking this solution.


Currently the Civitavecchia Express service runs only four daily journeys. Two in the morning, bound for Rome and two in the afternoon bound for Civitavecchia. The timetable was thought out to meet the needs of many cruise travellers who wish to visit Rome in a day. The train times are quicker and more reliable than the commuter trains, allowing an easier and with guaranteed seating, more comfortable transfer into Rome.


For day trips this should work well, but if you are staying in a hotel overnight or longer then you need to also consider that the stations visited by the Civitavecchia Express are not in the centre of Rome, so will require a taxi, metro or bus to take you the rest of the way.


You can walk from Roma San Pietro to the Vatican in about 15 minutes or take a taxi but if you have plenty of luggage you may not find this so appealing. Again you can use the Roma Ostiense station and transfer to the Metro to then reach Rome Termini but you'll have to carry luggage across platforms. If Rome Termini is your final destination and your staying longer than one day, you may consider using the slower commuter trains that go directly to the Termini station from Civitavecchia. You can though use the two stations visited by the Civitavecchia Express as a jumping point into the rest of Rome, either through walking, taxi, bus or metro, as your journey time there will be much quicker.


The Civitavecchia Express does offer a good solution for travellers from cruise ships who want to visit Rome in a day and for those travellers who travel light and appreciate a quicker and more reliable service with guaranteed seats. You can find out train times and ticket details at Civitavecchia Portmobility.

Rome Fiumicino Airport - Civitavecchia by private car, the quick door to door transfer

We offer fixed price private transfers with a door to door service:


The private car service offers:

- Personal Meet & Greet by the driver at your accommodation, ship or airport

- Payment by credit card with no fees and immediate confirmation

- Choice of vehicle to suit party size and luggage capacity

- 24-hour help line

- Clear prices – no surprises. You pay only a small deposit up front


Noteworthy features of private car service:

Vehicles are licensed to enter the port and collect and drop you off at the cruise ship avoiding tedious shuttle transfers from the welcome centre outside the dock gates.

At the airport the driver will meet n greet you as you exit the customs hall and will track the flight prior to its arrival.

At Civitavecchia the driver will meet n greet you airport style with a sign with your name on.

Rome Fiumicino Airport - Civitavecchia cruise port by private car- full details

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Private tour transfers to/from Civitavecchia Cruise Port

For most people time is the enemy when visiting Rome and this option by combining your Civitavecchia cruise transfer with world class sightseeing at “must see sights” is a very efficient way of using your precious time in Rome.

Rome Civitavecchia Cruise Port Private Tour Transfer Prices
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