Walk 3 - Trevi Fountain to Pantheon

Self-guided walk for independently minded visitors

Trevi Fountain at night

Lit up at night: Trevi Fountain


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Trevi Fountain to Pantheon walk route

The Pantheon is the hub from which 4 of our 8 self guided walks connecting the main sights of Rome either end or start from. This walk is especially good in the evening, nearly the whole walk is lined with bars and small restaurants.


The aim of this page is to focus on the logistical aspects and give sufficient information in the form of text, images and video so that you can get a good idea of what to expect and allocate in terms of time.

The length of this walk is crudely about 1.5km or a mile, if you walked it without stopping at a brisk pace it would be only around 20 minutes.


However, this is the ancient centre of Rome, where every turn, nearly every building is of interest. The beauty of doing this walk independently is you take it at your own pace, some will take 60 minutes, some will take a day.

Do get a good guide book and do pick up a detailed street map, many of the free street maps given out by hotels are adequate. Probability is that you will be attracted by something just off the route described here and go off at a tangent, all part of the fun of exploring the ancient centre and making your own discoveries.


For further visitor information on the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain see our pages Visiting the Pantheon and Visiting the Trevi Fountain.


This walk is a natural follow on from our Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain walk.

Sightseeing Walking Map Of Rome

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Walk 3 - Trevi Fountain to the Pantheon

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Trevi Fountain to Pantheon direction

We have a dedicated page describing the Trevi Fountain and what you should expect.

Via Delle Muratte Rome

Via delle Muratte: leads you away from Trevi Fountain

From facing the Trevi Fountain we go down the street 90 degrees to your left going due west. The street is called Via delle Muratte. The good news is that like most of the cobbled lanes and alleys in the ancient centre it is traffic free, the bad news is that at first it's lined with stalls selling tourist tat.


You just follow Via delle Muratte until you come to the busy Via del Corso where you carefully cross the road and continue straight ahead along what is now the Via di Pietra that leads into the Piazza di Pietra.

The Piazza di Pietra is a narrow piazza that houses the Temple of Hadrian. Piazza di Pietra translates to Plaza of Stone, called such because it was built from the stones of the temple that overlooks it. Today only one part of of the wall survives along with 11 of the 15 Corinthian columns.

You exit the piazza at the far end on the left hand side down a narrow lane the Via dei Pastini. This winds along with shops and bars along the way until you turn around a bend and are confronted by the Pantheon in the Piazza della Rotonda, a lively square ringed with restaurants.

Map of walk between Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona via the Pantheon

Map Of Walk Between Trevi Fountain And Piazza Navona via The Pantheon

This isn't the place to go into the history of the Pantheon, suffice to say a visit is very worthwhile, and it is free!

We have a dedicated page about the Pantheon.

The Pantheon Rome From The Via Dei Pastini

Via dei Pastini: turn around the bend
and you are confronted by the Pantheon

Pantheon to Trevi Fountain direction

With your back to the entrance of the Pantheon our exit is Via Dei Pastini which is the exit over to the right (east) side of Piazza Della Rotonda in front of you.


The Via dei Pastini is the exit in line with the Pantheon fountain. Ignore the passage immediately on your left and just keep following Via dei Pastini until it exits into the spacious Piazza di Pietra. The fine Corinthian columns on the right hand side of the square will attract your attention.

Pass by the columns, our exit is at the far side of the Piazza on the right hand side, the Via dei Pietra.


The Via dei Pietra leads you very quickly to a major road the busy Via del Corso.

Directly opposite is the Via delle Muratte, a straight road lined with tourist stalls that after around 200m leads you to the Trevi Fountain.


Companion Walk - Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

You can extend this walk beyond the Trevi Fountain and visit another major Rome attraction, the Spanish Steps.

Free self guided walk - Spanish Steps to/from Trevi Fountain


Professional walking tours that take in Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is a maze of narrow lanes waiting to be explored. You seem to make another discovery around every corner.


Some people like to strike out independently clutching a good guide book, others just want to take in the atmosphere.

If you are really interested in understanding what you are witnessing then a local guide can show you the best of what there is to see and also offer someone to bounce of ideas for further exploration. There are many walking tours available. Below are two that take in the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.

Ancient Rome Walking Tour Including Spanish Steps Prices
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