Fiumicino Airport taxi versus private car services

Private door to door transfer between Rome Fiumicino & central Rome hotels - but which?

Rome Airport taxi
Are taxis from Fiumicino Airport a good idea?

Fiumicino Airport taxi services - city cab or private car?

On paper the licensed taxi services from the Fiumicino airport terminal taxi rank are a very attractive option. The airport authorities have set a fixed fare of 48 euro between Fiumicino Airport and destinations in Rome city centre defined as within the Aurelian Walls, (see map further down the page).

The taxi fare includes baggage and is for a maximum of four passengers. Vehicles are a mixed bag but tend to be much smaller than Mercedes saloons so common in other cities.

Many Rome taxis are small - see the image right taken at the taxi rank at Fiumicino, more a solution for a single business traveller with briefcase than leisure travellers with luggage. If you have more than 3 large cases, luggage may be a problem.

About private taxis to and from Fiumicino Airport

The cars for the taxi service of the City of Rome are white and can be recognized by the sign "TAXI" on the top and by the identifying licence number on the doors, on the back and inside the car.

Unfortunately the taxi cabs in Rome have a poor reputation for ripping off unsuspecting tourists especially at the airports and Termini Station.

A lot of the time the culprits are not licensed taxi cabs at all but people masquerading as such.

If you are not going inside the city walls then the fare will be metered. Check that the correct Tariff band (there are two) is being applied. One of the moost important things to check is the origin of the taxi company before getting on board. The Rome autorities set the fare at €48 but if the taxi has its fare fixed by the Municipality of Fiumcino then it is €60. So make sure you know where your taxi company is from and look for a City of Rome taxi if you are going to the historical centre of Rome.

Unlike the standard fares for going into Rome city centre where bags are part of the fare, for metered rides you will be charged a supplement for each item of luggage.

Above all reject anybody that approaches you offering a taxi or private car transport in the terminal area. Either get a Rome city cab from the taxi rank or pre-book a private car in advance - anybody else is operating illegally, probably in an unlicensed cab.

The Fiumicino airport taxi rank is reasonably well organised with a single lane where the cabs should be forming an orderly queue and its pure chance which individual cab is your turn.

If you notice any cab hanging back or leading you to a cab not next in the queue, be suspicious.

Alternative Fiumicino Airport private car service with fixed clear prices

Private Transfer Enquiry
Private Transfer Reservation

The alternative to the licensed city cabs are private transfers booked in advance.

With your own vehicle and experienced driver pre-arranged there is less stress.

You are expected and will be met as you exit the customs and baggage hall. Your driver will have monitored your flight in advance and will be there if your flight is early or late.

You have agreed the fixed price in advance, so no worries with unexpected extras being added.

Unique features of our private car service:

  • Competitive and easy to understand pricing with no hidden extras.

  • We have a fleet of quality cars like Mercedes and BMW with experienced professional drivers who know Rome.

  • Flexible booking options. Pay only a small deposit to confirm your booking and pay the balance direct to the driver on the day, or pay the full amount in advance.

  • Our drivers track your flights and will be there to meet and greet you as you exit the customs hall, whether your flight is early or late.

  • 24-hr help line. In the unlikely event you need help, you will be personally looked after by a well established company based in the centre of Rome.

  • 5-star rated in Trip-advisor with hundreds of satisfied customers.


1-3 seater from €59 one way
Standard car 1- 3 passengers + 3x Check-in luggage* + 2x hand luggage**
(An example vehicle type would be a Mercedez E class)
3-5 seater from €85 one way
3-5 seater mercedez viano Up to 5 passengers + 6x Check-in luggage* + 4x hand luggage**
(An example vehicle type would be a Mercedez Viano)
6-7 seater from €89 one way
6-7 seater mercedez viano Up to 7 passengers + 7x Check-in luggage* + 5x hand luggage**
(An example vehicle type would be a Mercedez Viano)
8 seater from €95 one way
8 seater mercedez vito Up to 8 passengers + 8x Check-in luggage* + 5x hand luggage**
(An example vehicle type would be a Mercedez Vito)
Small Bus €POA
small bus rome transfers


Up to 15 passengers 
(It is currently cheaper to use 2 Viano size vans than a single mini-bus)

* Large Cases - Flight hold size 10-23kg (22-50lbs)

** Medium Cases - Flight overhead locker size 5-10kg (11-22lbs)

Instant reservation facility for your fixed price car transfer to/from Fiumicino Airport

Or if you prefer, request a written quotation first using our enquiry/quotation request form.

The booking process is clean, straight forward and secure. You pay by credit card or by PayPal and you receive a confirmation immediately. You pay only a small deposit, you do not pay the full amount in advance, however if you wish you can pay the full amount in advance. If you pay the deposit option you pay the remainder in cash directly to the driver on the day.

Use the form below to check prices and book now.


City of Rome map for private taxi fares

Private tour transfers - Rome tour as part of airport transfer

private tour transfer ciampino airport rome
Visit the Colosseum as part of your tour transfer

An efficient way of seeing Rome within the limited time you have is to fit in a short tour of Rome on your journey from the airport. An ideal way to quickly get orientated with Rome and perhaps revise your priorities for what you want to visit later in more detail and more time.

This is also an ideal way for those staying at an airport hotel overnight not to miss the sights of Rome. The tour can start and finish at your airport hotel.

The transfer/tour visits all the main sights of Rome in a few hours, or you can specify exactly what and for how long you wish to visit specified attractions in your own itinerary.

Private car transfers to/from Rome Fiumicino Airport - more details

Personal quotation request for your Rome private transfer

For a confirmed personalised quotation that may address any aspects you are concerned about and wish to raise please use the enquiry form below.

We will normally respond with a firm quotation well within one day.

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