Visit Pompeii from Rome in a day by train

Practical guide for those planning on visiting Pompeii independently from Rome

Frecciarossa train: Rome to Naples in 70 minutes

Frecciarossa train: Rome to Naples in 70 minutes


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Pompeii is 150 miles south of Rome, fairly close to Naples and well within a long day trip from your hotel in Rome.


There are tours from Rome to Pompeii but for those who are independently minded and don't get along with organised tours, visiting by train is very straightforward and a good experience.

The fast high speed trains between Rome and Naples only take about 70 minutes, much faster than any vehicle. So another option is to take the train and explore Pompeii semi-independently.

Pompeii is on the far (south) side of Naples from Rome. Pompeii has its own train stations, one almost opposite the main gates of Pompeii itself and the trains are frequent (two an hour) between Piompeii and Naples Centrale Station where the Rome trains arrive.

The only aspect to note is that the most popular train (Circumvesuviana) from Naples to Pompeii is a different train company to the main Italian Railways that run the Rome to Naples trains - you cannot buy a through ticket, indeed you cannot buy any ticket in advance on the Circumvesuviana train.

Trains between Rome to Naples

The duration and cost of the journey between Rome and Naples varies enormously and will depend on the class of train you take and how far in advance you purchase tickets. There are three grades of train and on two there is a choice of first class or second class.

Typical Passenger Cabin Interior Of Italian High Speed Train

Travel in comfort: passenger cabin interior of high-speed train

There is a complex system of advance purchase and day return fares which basically means just use the travel planner below to see what is available for your dates.

In order to visit Pompeii in one day from Rome and have time to fully explore the very large Pompeii site you will need to use the high-speed trains which are at least twice as fast as the next level inter-cit. High speed trains only take around 70 minutes and are much more punctual than other types of trains too.


Frecciarossa and other high-speed trains - These are the high-speed trains, the pride of the Italian railways that only stop at major cities. Trains run on dedicated high-speed tracks and partly as a result journey time are often twice as fast as other train alternatives. This is not Switzerland but the high-speed trains are invariably more punctual than other classes of train.

Passenger experience is close to an aircraft with an open plan seating arrangement with seats in rows of two either side of an aisle but with more room and a better view. Fares are normally double that of the express inter-city trains but vary depending on when you travel and how far ahead you book.


TrenItalia Timetables & Ticketing

Trains from Naples to Pompeii

There are two train lines between Naples and Pompeii, the Metropolitan Railway that runs between Naples and Salerno stopping at Pompeii, and the Circumvesuviana train service that stops at Pompeii on its way to Sorrento.

The Circumvesuviana train service is the most used option by far and for visitors the train stationat Pompeii is right next to one of the main entrances at Pompeii.

Naples Centrale Station/ Naples Garibaldi Station confusion

In Naples the main transport hub to get to Pompeii is at the main train station, Naples Centrale where all the national railways service terminate or pass through.

Both Circumvesuviana trains and Metropolitan Railway trains run from a station called Naples Garibaldi.

Although Naples Garibaldi has its own separate platforms and entrances it is physically part of Naples Centrale Station.

Naples Centrale Station is the main station on ground level. From ground level escalators go down one level to an underground shopping centre and go further down to the Naples Metro.

Naples Garibaldi Station is on the same level as the shopping centre and is well signed.

Circumvesuviana trains Naples to Pompeii

Trains go twice an hour between about 6am and 9.30pm Trains are very crowded, be prepared to have to stand for much of the journey. The train to Pompeii Scavi, the full name of the station from Naples takes around 40 minutes.

Buy tickets on the day from the ticket counter, only cash taken.

Circumvesuviana trains - full details

Metropolitan Railway Naples to Salerno via Pompeii

The Metropolitan Railway is a branch (line 2) of the Naples Metro system.

The station at Pompeii is in the town, further from the entrances of Pompeii than the Circumvesuviana line whose station is less than 100 yards from an entrance.

The plus side is that the trains may well be less crowded than the Circumvesuviana trains and you can purchase tickets online through TrenItalia.

Pompeii ticketing

You can order Pompeii tickets and tours to suit your needs in advance. No queueing and waiting, no foreign exchange issues.


Up until last year admission was free during regular hours on the first Sunday of the month for all visitors. However this Government policy was changed and museums and cultural sites were allowed to choose if they were to offer this free entry or not. This change was due to the problems that occured with the vast amount of tourist visitors descending on free days alongside locals, making the attraction and surrounding area difficult to manage. Some attractions continue to offer every first Sunday of the month free, Pompeii does not.


Pompeii now offers the first Sunday of the month free in the off peak season, October to March, plus it has signed up to the IoVadoAIMuseo initiative which envisages 20 days of free admission to all Mibac sites in a calendar year. As well as the first Sundays of the month from October to March, and the Museum Week (5-10 March 2019) Pompeii will offer 8 additional free days. The 2019 dates are:


30 March, 25 April, 8 May, 8 June, 24 October, 24 December, 26 December and 31 December.

Pompeii Entrance Tickets

Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius / Herculaneum Tours from Naples Station

Visiting Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius or Herculaneum in a day tour fron Rome is possible independently putting together each component separately.


But, especially for Mount Vesuvius combined with Pompeii its a lot more effecient and stress free to simply take a tour that sets out from Naples Railway Station connecting with trains from Rome.

Tours will pick-up from the Starhotels Terminus Hotel, a major hotel immediately outside the main entrance of Naples Centrale Station on your left.

Half Day Tour From Naples  To Pompeii
Day Tour From Naples  To Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius
Day Tour From Naples To Pompeii & Herculaneum

Private Tours from Naples Station

Taking the train to Naples then using a local private car and driver is a very attractive option and for small groups can be very affordable too.

Your English speaking driver will meet n greet you at Naples Centrale Station and will ensure your trip encompasses exactly what you want to see at a pace set by you.

All vehicles are non smoking and fully air conditioned.

We offer three sizes of vehicle, for 1-3 people, 4 or 5 people and 6 to 8 people. Price is per vehicle not passenger.

After booking you pay a small deposit and receive a voucher through email. The remainder will be paid directly to the driver.

Private Pompeii tour from Naples
Private Pompeii and Amalfi Coast from Naples

Alternative Pompeii bus shuttle service from Rome

Days of operation: Tuesday & Thursday only (March to November).

Departure point: Rome Termini Station (main public transport hub in the centre of Rome).

Departure time: 7.30am. due back at Termini Station about 7pm.

Inclusions: Return shuttle service from Rome to Pompeii. Transportation by air-conditioned coach or mini bus. English speaking hostess on board the shuttle. Pompeii books on board for you to read and learn about the sites.


It is not possible to stay overnight in Pompeii and return to Rome the following day as shuttle services do not run daily. If you wish to stay overnight or longer in the Naples area then you need to visit Pompeii from Rome by train.

Pompeii Shuttle Bus From Rome Tickets & Prices
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