Visit Pompeii From Rome In A Day By Train

A Practical Guide For Those Planning On Visiting Pompeii Independently From Rome

Frecciarossa Train - Rome to Naples In 70 Minutes

Frecciarossa Train
Rome to Naples In 70 Minutes

Pompeii is 150 miles south of Rome, fairly close to Naples and well within a long day trip from your hotel in Rome. There are tours from Rome to Pompeii but for those who are independently minded and don't get along with organised tours visiting by train is very straight forward and a good experience.

Pompeii itself is on the far (south) side of Naples from Rome. Pompeii has its own train station almost opposite the main gates of Pompeii itself and the trains are frequent (2 an hour) to Naples Station where the Rome trains arrive. The only aspect to note is that the train from Naples to Pompeii is a different train company to the main Italian Railways that run the Rome to Naples trains so you cannot buy a through ticket.

Rome To Naples

Frequent trains run between Termini Station in Rome and Central Station in Naples.

The duration and cost of the journey will depend on the class of train you take. There are three grades of train and on two there is a choice of first class or second class. There is a complex system of advance purchase and day return fares which basically means just use the travel planner below to see what is available for your dates.

The Italian railway system has options for all budgets and is comparatively great value. Cost and trip duration of the journey will depend on the class of train you take. There are three grades of train and on two there is a choice of first class or second class. There is a complex system of advance purchase and day return fares.

Frecciarossa And Other High Speed Trains - These are the high speed trains, the pride of the Italian railways that only stop at major cities. Trains run on dedicated high speed tracks and partly as a result journey time are often twice as fast as other train alternatives. This is not Switzerland but the high speed trains are invariably more punctual than other classes of train.

Typical Passenger Cabin Interior Of Italian High Speed Train

Typical Passenger Cabin Interior Of High Speed Train

Passenger experience is close to an aircraft with an open plan seating arrangement with seats in rows of two either side of an aisle but with more room and a better view. Fares are normally double that of the express intercity trains but are highly variable depending on when you travel and how far ahead you book.

Inter City Trains - These are the normal inter-city trains with stops at major towns as well as cities along the way.

You are allocated a reserved seat number when you book. Typically on the older trains, in a second class carriage you will travel in a small compartment with six seats shared with others with an overhead luggage rack. Fares are much cheaper than the high speed inter city trains and journey times are much slower. Trains do not have a good track record for punctuality so plan for significant delays on your itinerary with the risk of being pleasantly surprised.

If you look at a train that stops or departs in a major city that is not at the start or end of the trains route check that the train is not stopping at a station on the outskirts of the city, rather than the central city station. Florence and Rome are good examples of this.

Fares are significantly cheaper than the high speed trains and again are highly variable in ticket price depending on when you travel and how far ahead you book ahead.

Regional/Local Trains - These trains are a mixed bag but are broadly the opposite extreme to the Frecciarossa high speed trains. Trains are slow and relatively basic and seldom have seat reservations. On longer distance routes where there is a choice against Inter City or High Speed alternatives the overwhelming/only reason to use is the low price, typically 10%-20% of the price of a Frecciarossa Train. Punctuality is not good, arriving on time is the exception, not the rule. Trains will typically stop at additional smaller stations than the Inter City and High Speed trains.

TrenItalia Train Fares & Timetables In Italy

For the visitor to Italy who wants to tour independently, the TrenItalia web site will become a second home. In Italy what scheduled coach network there is, is fragmented and piecemeal. The main alternative to rail on the longer distance journeys are the low cost budget airlines.

The TrenItalia web site has English language pages and timetables and on-line advance e-ticketing where you can also reserve seat numbers. On some shorter urban journeys it is not possible to buy tickets on-line.

TrenItalia Timetables & Ticketing

Getting The Best Fares

By planning in advance your rail travel needs it really does pay to look at fares and timetables at the time you are planning your trip. Even on the high speed trains there are some fantastic fares to be had if you buy well in advance and are willing to be flexible on exact travel times.

Using Italian Trains

Naples To Pompeii

Circumvesuviana trains are a network of several lines in the Naples region, with Naples as the hub. The line to Pompeii goes from Naples to Sorrento.

Circumvesuviana train at Pompeii Station

Circumvesuviana train
at Pompeii Station

Circumvesuviana trains run from the same station that the Rome trains arrive at (Central Station) in Naples but confusingly although part of the same complex the platforms the Circumvesuviana trains run from are called Garibaldi Station.

When you get off the train from Rome just turn left when you get into the terminal area and keep going.

Circumvesuviana trains are a different company to TrenItalia who run the Rome trains so you have to buy a ticket (in cash, no credit cards). Fares are cheap and carriages are crowded (don't count on getting a seat). There are two trains an hour to Pompeii.

Journey times is about 45 minutes between Naples and Pompeii with countless stations in between.

Circumvesuviana Trains - Full Details

Tours To Pompeii, Herculaneum & Mount Vesuvius From Naples Train Station

By taking the train from Rome to Naples Central Station you have a much wider choice of tours. Note this is not Switzerland, trains in Italy do not go to clockwork all the time, far from it. The fastest high speed trains tend to be the most reliable and punctual.

Popular Tours From Naples

Including Pompeii

Morning Half Day Tour To Pompeii    €58.00

Includes admission and 2 hr walking tour

Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius Tour    €90.00

Includes lunch, walking tours and admissions

Pompeii & Herculaneum Tour    €90.00

Includes lunch and visit to coral factory

Pompeii & Sorrento Tour    €85.00

Includes lunch, walking tours and admissions

Pompeii & Amalfi Tour    €85.00

Includes lunch

Not Including Pompeii

Half Day Afternoon Tour To Mount Vesuvius    €60.00

Includes admission

Capri Day Tour By Hydrofoil    €115.37

Hydrofoil, tour plus lunch

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