Hotels and trains at Rome central rail station

Practical guide for using Rome Termini station and transport hub

Termini Station Rome
Termini Station Rome

Roma Termini station

The main transport hub for both local transport in Rome and train links to the rest of Italy is Roma Termini or Rome Terminal station.

It is also where the airport trains and buses that serve Rome's Fiumicino and Ciampino airports terminate.

Rome public transport

See our page Rome public transport for details on fares, transport passes and maps.

There is also plenty of practical information on using the Metro, buses and trams in the city of Rome.

The main local bus station is directly in front of the railway station and the main two Metro lines of Rome's limited network intersect here making it the hub of the Metro too.

Termini train information

As you would expect at a major train station in Italy there are lots of desks for ticketing and railways.

However waiting times in the queues can be long, so do allow for this. For train tickets there are banks of multilingual ticket machines that are easy to use and much faster.

Termini tourist information

Termini Station public transport information desk
Termini station public transport information desk

General tourist information

There is a tourist desk on the west side of Roma Termini station, next to platforms 23/24 where the Leonardo Express airport train terminates. It is open every day from 8am to 6.45pm.

Rome public transport information

There is a Rome public transport information desk (see image) out the front of Roma Termini station next to the large bus station. They will not sell you tickets or dispense maps freely though.

If you are going to use public transport extensively in Rome, several of the news-stands at Termini will sell you a current public transport map of the city of Rome.

We cover in detail getting Rome public transport tickets and the various transport passes available on a dedicated page.

Rome public transport tickets and advance purchase

You can now also purchase a 72-hr public transport ticket in advance of your trip and have it sent to your home address, this allows you to be completely prepared upon arrival. Buy your 72-hr Public Transport Pass in advance now.

Airport links

Termini station taxi rank
Termini station taxi rank

Rome's main airport Fiumicino and its smaller competitor Ciampino Airport have a choice of train and airport bus options.

The common denominator is that they all have their main city centre terminus at Termini Station.

The Leonardo Express Airport train details

Rome airport buses (Fiumicino Airport) details

Rome airport buses (Ciampino Airport) details

Termini Station Rome facilities


There are public toilets within Termini station which are not free.

The practise of trying to use the toilets of restaurants and cafes free of charge within the station when not a customer will give mixed results here.

Left luggage

There is a manned left luggage office located on the west side of Termini station next to platforms 23/24 where the Leonardo Express airport train terminates. It is downstairs in the basement and is well signposted.

Budget for queues waiting to both deposit and retrieve your luggage. Opening hours are 6am to 11pm.

Fees for a single piece of luggage are around €6 for the first 5 hours, then €1/hour between the 6th and 12th hour, then €0.50 for every additional hour. You may be able to find fractionally cheaper places outside the station itself, if you are willing to walk to them.


Rome Termini Station supermarkets

Sapori & Dintorni Termini Station Rome
Sapori & Dintorni supermarket

Sapori & Dintorni and Spar

There is a large shopping area within the station, most of it below ground level that goes well beyond the normal outlets found in railway stations.

The most convenient supermarket is downstairs, called Sapori & Dintorni.

As well as the normal items you'll find in supermarkets there is a lot of pre-prepared snack items, including salads, sandwiches and a pizza bar where you buy the pizza by weight.

To find it, go the the main exit on the east side of the station to Via Marsala.

Just before you exit into the street from the station and opposite a Roadhouse Grill restaurant there are escalators and stairs to Sapori & Dintorni.

At the bottom of the escalators turn right and the supermarket is in front of you by the public toilets.

There is another Spar Supermarket but that is quite a long trek for most over to platforms 25-29. The supermarket is found by the exit to Via Giolitti, the road that lines the western side of the station.

Rome Termini restaurants and fast food

Ciao Restaurant Termini Station
Ciao Restaurant Termini Station

Fast food or takeaway

At Termini Station in Rome there is plenty of food to be found of one kind or another, especially at ground level serving the vast numbers passing through.

There are countless outlets offering snacks like baguettes, sandwiches, pastries and coffee.

For international travellers the only burger outlet and familiar name will be McDonald's with two outlets.

The dominant outlet in terms of numbers is Chef Express with no less than six sites in the station offering a wide range of snacks and drinks.

Sit down & self service cafeteria style meals

There are no high class restaurant options but a few family style chain restaurants that offer a good option if you want a “proper” meal sitting down at a table.

Probably the best value are two self-service restaurants, Ciao Restaurant and Gusto Restaurant. Both are self service with a full range of courses and a great choice.

Gusto Restaurant is at platform level, directly opposite platforms 5/6. The front of the shop is a small coffee shop but continue through and the self service restaurant opens out into a vast area.

There is normally a choice of around 4 pasta dishes, 4 to 6 hot meat and fish dishes and a wide choice of pre-prepared salads, fruit and deserts. Small bottles of wine are available and not expensive.

Ciao Restaurant is on the upper floor platform level, directly opposite platforms 23/24.

On the east side of the station by the main exit to Via Marsala is a Roadhouse Grill. This is an Italian take of an American-style burger and chicken place which of course also does steaks. Perhaps the only place where pizza and pasta is not on the menu.

Hotels around Roma Termini station

The area around Roma Termini station is the largest single hotel district in Rome. It has a full range of hotels and hostels for all budgets bar the elite hotels in Rome are found over in the Via Veneto district on the other side of town.

Termini is the public transport hub for central Rome. From Termini it is possible to go direct by the limited Rome Metro service to the Colosseum, Spanish Steps and Vatican. The dense network of buses will take you everywhere else.

Termini, or Rome central station, along with the Vatican is also the main starting point for the multitude of Rome hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses, so popular with visitors.

Partly because of the number of hotels in the immediate vicinity, room rates are very competitive. If value for money is at or near the top of your priority list, the Termini hotel district is a benchmark hotel district to beat.

The budget accommodation as a broad guide resides down each side of the station. Out the front of Termini station past the bus station towards Piazza Repubblica there is a more upmarket feel where the four star hotels are found.

Staying in hotels around Termini Station - a visitor guide


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