Rome tickets and passes on Metro – a user guide

All you need to know about using Rome Metro including tickets, prices and passes

Metro train, Rome, Italy
The Rome Metro is cheap and fast to get around city

The Rome Metro Underground train system at the moment has three lines named A, B and C.

Lines A and B intersect at Rome Termini Station, the main public transport hub in Rome. Line C is a new line gradually being opened in stages.

The new line C is in the process of being implemented. Originally due in the year 2000 the first stage finally opened in November 2014.

Line C is of little use to tourists at the moment – it runs between Monte Compatri, about 12 miles south-east of the city, to Parco di Centocelle, on the outskirts of the centre.

The plan is to extend it eventually to Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum in the heart of the city, which looks likely for 2024.

Cheap fares on Rome Metro

Bus map central Rome
Metro and local train map Rome

You'll find that the Metro misses much of the city centre and even when line C finally arrives in the city centre, compared with other major cities like Paris and London, it will have limited coverage of the centre of Rome.

To be honest, travelling by Metro is not the pleasant, fast experience it could be. Stations are often not very clean, graffiti is a real problem, so much so that sometimes you cannot see out the windows of Metro trains.

The Underground system is also crowded. But if the Metro is an option for your journey it will almost certainly be the fastest option and fares are cheap.

Despite the relative lack of coverage by the Rome Metro, some of the major attractions are well served.

The Colosseum/Roman Forum and Spanish Steps have Metro stations next to the attractions and you can get within 5 minutes' walk of the Vatican Museums and St Peter's Square.

The Rome Metro doesn't go out to either of Rome's airports direct but you can take line B to Tiburtina or Piramide where you can catch a cheap stopping train to Fiumicino airport and from the southern terminus of line A, Anagnina, there is a local bus to Ciampino airport.

It also helps visitors that Termini Station, hub of the Rome Metro, where lines A & B cross each other, is the single largest hotel district in Rome.

The Rome Metro struggles to meet demand. Expect overcrowding, even at off-peak times. Don't expect to get a seat either, if you do get one, treat it as an unexpected bonus.

Metro stations close to major sights

Metro stations close to major sights in Rome
Visit St Peter's easily by Metro

Ottaviano (line A) - Vatican Museums, St Peter's

Spagna (line A) - Spanish Steps

Colosseo (line B) - Colosseum, Roman Forum

Some of the stations are not that conspicuous and easy to locate at street level, often just a couple of Metro signs by an entrance that could be steps going anywhere at the smaller stations.

At some of the smaller stations there are separate entrances for each direction and you are not able to cross to the opposite side of the line once inside the station.

None of the stations are particularly deep. The larger stations are well signposted and when you end your journey there are plenty of local street maps displayed depicting the immediate area around the station.

Ticket barriers in Metro stations

Rome Metro ticket barriers
Rome Metro ticket barriers

To access the Metro system you need to pass through the ticket barriers, like those pictured left.

The barriers themselves are little different to the barriers found at Metro systems worldwide. Put your ticket in the slot and if valid the barrier will open and your ticket will be returned. From January 2023 contactless payments are being accepted across the entire ATAC network.

If you have purchased a public transport pass, the first time you use the pass the date and time is recorded on the tickets.

Children under 10 travel free with accompanying adult, and do not need a ticket.

You can change between lines at Termini Station without going through the ticket barriers, so a single journey/ticket can include riding on both Metro lines.

Rome bus, tram & Metro fares & tickets

Rome Metro ticket validation machine
Metro ticket validation machine

All local public transport is integrated in Rome. You have to purchase your tickets before you board any public transport in Rome. Most people will have a pass of one kind or another.

Tickets for both the bus system and Metro can be purchased from tobacconists, bars, or vending machines at Metro stations and major bus stops. On both buses and metro there is a flat fare, whether you go one stop or to the end of the line. On buses your ticket is valid for 100 minutes allowing you to change buses using a single ticket.

At Metro stations there are ticket barriers where you have to insert your ticket to enter and leave the Metro station.

On buses and trams you will find ticket validation machines similar to that pictured. If you have a single ticket then enter the ticket into the machine. If you have purchased a pass, you put the pass into the machine on your first journey. This stamps the date and time from which the pass or ticket is valid.

Groups of ticket inspectors from time to time descend on to a bus or platform to check all passengers have valid tickets. If not you will incur a heavy fine. Playing the innocent tourist doesn't work.

You can now also purchase a 72-hr public transport ticket in advance of your trip and have it sent to your home address, this allows you to be completely prepared upon arrival. Buy your 72-hr Public Transport Pass in advance now.

For more in-depth coverage of ticketing and tips on procuring your tickets we have a dedicated page linked below.

Rome public transport tickets - details & advance purchase


Ticket Type Price
B.I.T standard ticket - valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses allowing transfers €1.50
24-hour ticket - valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 24 hours from validation
48-hour ticket valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 48 hours from validation
72-hour ticket - valid for unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome for 72 hours from validation
C.I.S. - valid for 7 calendar days

Public transportation is free for children under 10 years old, with accompanying adult.

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