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Rome Fiumicino Airport bus services

4 airport bus services between Rome Fiumicino Airport and Rome city centre compared

Terravision airport bus from Fiumicino Airport, Rome
Terravision is one of the most popular buses from Fiumicino Airport

Overview of Fiumicino Airport bus services to Rome city centre

Rome Fiumicino Airport is Rome's main airport found west of Rome close to the coast. The money no object airport transfer between Fiumicino Airport and Rome city centre is the dedicated Leonardo Express Airport Train. This non-stop train runs every 30 minutes taking around 30 minutes for the entire journey.

The rail terminus in Rome is Termini Station, the main public transport hub for Rome and also a major accommodation district.

However if you are on a budget there are much cheaper budget airport bus alternatives with fares a fraction of the cost of the Leonardo Express.

Airport buses going to Termini, Rome

Termini Station public transport information desk
Termini station public transport information desk

The most popular airport bus transfer between Fiumicino Airport and Rome city centre measured by passengers carried is the Terravision airport bus service. But Terravision airport bus services do not have a monopoly.

At the moment there are four services competing against each other offering services to Rome City Centre.

Just like the train, the main terminus for the bus services in Rome City Centre is Termini Station, the main transport hub for Rome where the main train, metro and local bus stations are situated.

Some Fiumicino Airport bus services are not direct and offer interim stops.

Location and facilities at stops at Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino Airport terminal layout
Fiumicino Airport terminal layout

At Rome Fiumicino the buses start from a small bus station to the west of Terminal 3. All the terminals at Fiumicino are joined together so you do not go outside until you reach the bus station.

The buses are well signed by the airport authority and Terravision also supplement this with their own advertising banners scattered around the terminals.

Calling the series of bus bays a bus station is a bit wide of the mark. There are no facilities here as yet, (not even seats) just a series of bus bays where different companies have been allocated a bus bay for their service. If you need toilets or something to eat you need to go back into the passenger terminals. The area is undercover though.

It is here that all the charter buses load their passengers too.

Location and facilities at stops at Rome Termini Station

Termini Station
Termini has 4 bus stops. Terravision has a ticket office

At Termini Station, the four bus services have stops in the streets surrounding Termini Station.

The only bus company that has a proper ticket office and waiting area is Terravision which has a Terracafe shop where you can also get snacks, coffee etc. All other bus companies just have a bus stop on the street.

Terravision and SIT are on the east side of the station by the main exit to Via Marsala, which is the street that runs down the eastern side of the station.

T.A.M and Atral have stops on the road that runs down the western side of Termini Station, Via Giolitti.

Terravision airport bus - the market leader

Terravision transfers from Fiumicino to Rome city centre
Terravision - non-stop service

Key facts

  • Non-stop service Fiumicino Airport to/from Termini
  • Online fares purchased in advance cheaper than buying on the day
  • Round trip fare cheaper than two one-way fares
  • Children under 5 free
  • Free amendable travel dates
  • Frequencies throughout the day vary but broadly around 30 minutes intervals
  • First/last bus Fiumicino  Airport 5.35am/11.00pm
  • First/last bus Termini Station 4.40am/9.50pm
  • Journey time of around 55min
  • There is no formal luggage limit with Terravision


If you order online, you select an individual departure time which reserves you a seat on the bus. If for any reason you miss the bus you booked the ticket is still valid for a later departure.

Terravision bus Rome

Terravision bus Rome

terravision rome

Cheap airport transfer

• Every 30-60-mins • 55 min journey time • Free luggage • No booking fee

SIT airport bus

SIT bus transfers from Ciampino to Rome city centre
SIT bus offer cheap transfers

Key facts

  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Termini Station
  • Fares more than Terravision in city to airport direction
  • Children under 4 free
  • If you miss bus, ticket valid for a later schedule
  • Frequencies throughout the day at broadly 30-60 minutes intervals
  • First/last bus Fiumicino Airport 07:15/12.40am
  • First/last bus Termini Station 04:45/20:30
  • Journey time of around 40-60min
  • Free Wi-Fi
Terravision bus Rome

SIT Airport bus Rome

sit bus rome

Fiumicino to Rome Termini with stops at the Vatican

• No booking fee • Free amendable travel dates • Free extra luggage • Stops at the Vatican and Termini (Central Station)

TAM Airport Bus Fiumicino Airport to/from Termini Station via Ostiense Station

TAM Rome Airport Bus At Termini Station
TAM Rome Airport bus

Key facts

  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Termini Station with a stop at Ostiense Station to the south of the city centre and a major train station.
  • Fares slightly more than Terravision at €7 one-way
  • If you miss bus, ticket valid for a later schedule
  • 24 x 7 frequencies at broadly 30 minute intervals
  • Journey time of around an hour

TAM bus is the only airport bus operating 24x7 to Fiumicino Airport.

Rome Airport bus Fiumicino to Termini Station direct

rome airport bus
Rome Airport bus
  • Fiumicino Airport to/from Termini Station direct
  • Cheapest bus €6.90 one-way online
  • If you miss bus, ticket valid for a later schedule
  • Frequencies throughout the day at broadly 40 minutes intervals
  • First/last bus Fiumicino Airport 06.05/00.00
  • First/last bus Termini Station 05:10/23:00
  • Journey time of around 40-60min
  • Free Wi-Fi

Least frequent of the airport buses

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Airport trains, bus and shared shuttle tickets Price from
Leonardo Express - every 30 minutes, journey 30 minutes €14
FL1 Local Train - *to Rome Trastevere, Ostiense, Tiburtina €8*
Terravision Bus - direct to Termini Station, journey 55 minutes. €5.80 or €9 round trip
SIT Bus - to Termini Station via Vatican €6
TAM Bus - to Termini Station via Ostiense Station €7
Rome Airport Bus - direct to Termini Station €6.90
Hotel Shuttle Service Shared shuttle to any hotel in Central Rome €19.23
Private cars - meet 'n' greet at hote/airport - flat fare to within city walls Price from
Mercedes E class 1-3 seater €59
Mercedes Viano 4-7 seater €89
Mercedes Vito 8 seater €95

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