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Leonardo Express - quickest airport transfer in Rome - but what about much cheaper buses?

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Airport transfers between Rome airports & city centre

Rome has two airports of which Fiumicino, sometimes called Leonardo da Vinci, is by far the most busy.


The other airport, Ciampino is dominated by the low cost budget carrier Ryanair.

Transfer options from both airports include various public transport alternatives by train or coach that will take you to the main transport hub in central Rome Termini Station.


In addition of course private vehicles (taxi or private car) will take you door to door from the airport to your destination in Rome for a price premium. And somewhere in between are hotel shuttles providing door to door shared transport to your hotel in Rome.

Fiumicino airport transfers

Fiumicino is a large airport with many terminals but all passenger terminals are clustered very close together, you can walk between terminals without really knowing you have changed terminal location. As a result all public transport departs from one central point, it doesn't visit individual terminals.

At Fiumicino there are both train and bus options to Termini Station in the centre of Rome, plus hotel shuttles and of course Rome city cabs as well as private cars that you must pre-book.


Leonardo Express airport train - fast & frequent at a price

The dedicated airport train called the Leonardo Express is the least stress option to get from Fiumicino Airport into the city centre. The only reason not to use it is that the alternative airport buses are well below half the price.

The train station at the airport is a 5-10 minute walk from where you exit customs, but it is moving walkways and escalators/lifts undercover all the way.

Termini Station, the Rome city terminus as well as being the main railway station for Rome also houses the main local bus station and is the hub where the Metro system radiates out from.


It is also the biggest district of hotel accommodation for all budgets, making it a very convenient place to stay.

- Fastest public transport between Fiumicino Airport and the centre of Rome

- Most frequent public transport between Fiumicino and the centre of Rome

- Frequency, capacity and ticketing facilities means no prior booking required

- Journey time of 30 minutes with trains every 30 minutes

- The first departure from Roma Termini is at 5.35 and last at 22.35

- The first departure from the airport is at 6.23 and last at at 23.23


You cannot use Rome public transport passes to/from Fiumicino Airport on the Leonardo Express.

If you order Leonardo Express tickets on-line in advance you have to select a specific train departure time.

If you board a Leonardo Express train departing before that time a punitive fine may be imposed by the guard. However, boarding a train after the time on your ticket is no problem.

Rome Leonardo Express Airport Train Tickets

Leonardo Express airport train - full details

Airport bus services - the cheapest airport transfer

Terravision bus from Termini Station for airport transfer

Popular: Terravision bus

In the last couple of years, much cheaper budget bus alternatives to the train have appeared.


With fares well under half that of the Leonardo Express they have quickly become popular.

The most popular by far measured by passengers carried is the Terravision bus service.


Just like the train, the terminus in Rome City Centre is Termini Station, the main transport hub for Rome where the main train and local bus stations are situated above the hub of the Rome Metro system.

If you order online, you select an individual departure time which reserves you a seat on the bus. If for any reason you miss the bus you booked the ticket is still valid for a later departure.

Rome Fiumicino Airport Bus Tickets

Fiumicino - Rome Airport bus services compared - prices, frequencies, routes explained

Door to door transfers - Rome taxi cabs, private cars & hotel shuttles

Rome Fiumicino Airport taxi rank

Compact space: Rome Fiumicino Airport taxi rank

Fiumicino has a relatively well marshalled and organised taxi rank in front of the passenger terminal.


Fixed tariffs apply for any licensed Rome city cab to convey passengers between Fiumicino Airport and any location within the city walls of Rome. This fare includes luggage.

There is also an official information kiosk inside the passenger terminal where you can double check the fare to Rome or any aspect of using a Rome cab.

However, Rome taxi cabs are a mixed bag, although mostly newish they do tend to be on the small side, a problem if you have significant luggage. Most Rome taxi drivers do not speak fluent English.

Any journey outside the city walls should be metered, though there are supplements for baggage.

Perhaps surprisingly, private car services ordered in advance are more expensive than Rome city cabs though the service is enhanced with Meet 'n' Greet as you exit customs, an English speaking driver and all payment sorted out in advance.

A classic airport hotel shuttle service is also available with small vans that hold 8 to 16 passengers. Whether your hotel is first or last on the shuttles route is of course a lottery, but the service is slightly cheaper than a private car/taxi and still provides a door to door service.

Fiumicino taxi & private car / coach services - prices & service offered explained

Fiumicino - Rome hotel shuttle service - full details

Fiumicino Airport To Rome City Centre Transfer Options

Airport Trains, Buses And Hotel Shuttles

Leonardo Express    €14

Every 30 minutes, journey 30 minutes

FL1 Local Train    €8*

* to Rome Trastevere, Ostiense, Tiburtina

Terravision Bus    €5.80, or €9 round trip

Direct to Termini Station journey 55 minutes.

SIT Bus    €6

To Termini Station via Vatican

TAM Bus    €6

To Termini Station via Ostiense Station

Rome Airport Bus    €6.90

Direct to Termini Station

Hotel Shuttle Service   from  €16.33

Shared shuttle to any hotel in Central Rome

Fiumicino To/From Rome Private Cars

e.g. Mercedes E class 1-3 seater    €59

e.g.Mercedes Vito/Viano 3-7 seater    €85-89

e.g.Mercedes Vito/ 8 seater    €95

Meet n Greet at hote/airport - flat fare to within city walls

Ciampino Airport Transfers

Ciampino is a much smaller airport than Fiumicino and so transfer choice is much more limited

Ciampino Airport has no rail link direct into the airport itself so any airport transfer has to be vehicle based.

Its basically a straight choice between taxi and car services against the much cheaper range of bus services available.

The most popular transfer are the 3 almost identical bus services competing head to head offering a non-stop shuttle service to Termini Station in the centre of Rome. The other viable public transport option is to take a local public bus to one of the outlying Rome Metro stations and continue into Rome using the Rome Metro.

Of the door to door car options its a straight choice between Rome city cabs and private car services pre-booked.

Ciampino - Rome Airport Bus Services Compared - Prices, Frequencies, Routes Explained

Ciampino Taxi & Private Car Services - Prices & Service Offered Explained

Ciampino Airport to Rome city centre transfer options

Hotel Shuttle Service   from  €16.33

Shared shuttle to any hotel in Central Rome

Terravision Bus    €5 one-way, €9 round trip

Direct to Termini Station, journey 40 minutes.

SIT Bus    €6 one-way, €11 round trip

Direct to Termini Station, journey 40 minutes.

Rome Airport Bus    €5.90 one-way

Direct to Termini Station, journey 40 minutes.

ATRAL Bus    €1.20

To Anagnina Metro (+ luggage supplements)

Ciampino To/From Rome Private Cars

e.g. Mercedes E class 1-3 seater    €59

e.g.Mercedes Viano 4-7 seater    €85-89

e.g.Mercedes Vito 7-8 seater    €95

Meet n Greet at hote/airport - flat fare to within city walls

Rome Airport Hotel Shuttle Bus
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