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What to expect at Civitavecchia with city centre, tour and airport transfer options

Civitavecchia Cruise Port Reception Centre<br>
      At Largo della Pace

Cruise stop: Civitavecchia cruise port reception centre at Largo della Pace


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Civitavecchia cruise ship port

Civitavecchia is a medium-size town about 80km north west of Rome. Civitavecchia is a major ferry port as well as cruise ship port.

Rome's major airport, Fiumicino, is to the west of Rome close to the coast, both airport and Rome itself are about an hour's drive.

There is a frequent train service between Civitavecchia and Rome's Termini Station, the most economical way of transferring between Civitavecchia and Rome and its airports.

The town itself is pleasant enough with a well kept sea front promenade with open air cafes and a small regional shopping centre.

The kind of place you could kill time for two or three hours pleasantly if the weather is fair.

Largo della Pace - Civitavecchia cruise ship reception centre

There is no direct public access to cruise ships in the port. You either have to:

- Make your way to the cruise ship reception area called Largo della Pace just outside one of the dock gates where there are free shuttle buses to individual cruise ships.

- There are a few cab companies (not the local cabs you can get at the railway station) with a special licence enabling them to travel through the secure area to individual cruise ship berths.


Largo della Pace

Largo della Pace is basically a large open bus station recently built outside one of the port gates. Its sole purpose is a transit point where people on cruise ships can access their cruise ships through free shuttle coaches.

It's really quite basic, a line of coach bays from where the bus shuttles to the cruise ships depart from and an area where local buses and taxis deposit passengers.

There is a small information kiosk (see image), and a few local taxi and tour operators which form a gauntlet you have to walk through every time you use the facility and quite a visible security presence.

Getting to/from Largo della Pace from Civitavecchia train station

By public bus

Local public buses (see image) leave from outside the main exit of the train station running about every 20 minutes which take less than 10 minutes to Largo della Pace. The bus ticket can be bought at the newsstand or at the bar inside the station.


By taxi

Local taxi cabs are also available immediately in front of the main exit to Civitavecchia train station as an alternative to the public bus to Largo della Pace.


It is possible to walk between the train station and Largo della Pace in about 15 minutes, though with luggage it may take longer.


The route is pretty straightforward with pretty smooth rights of way which you can roll your luggage along.

Civitavecchia Public Bus<br /> 
    Between Station & Largo della Pace

Civitavecchia bus between station & Largo della Pace

Civitavecchia Port Complementary Cruise Ship Shuttle Bus

Civitavecchia free cruise shuttle bus at Largo della Pace

From the front entrance of the railway station turn right down the small access road to the wide coastal road and cross this road immediately to the promenade and turn right towards the centre of town.

The promenade footpath is very wide, parallel to the sea and very smooth without kerbs to negotiate. After about 5 minutes you come to the dock gates with a McDonald's on your right and the imposing Fort Michelangelo on your left.

Walk through the gates and immediately cross to the right hand side of the road. Now just follow the dock side, ignoring the spur that goes out to the left immediately after entering through the dock gates.

Now follow the pedestrian path as it winds through the docks past fishing boats, a terminal with toilets and shops.


Most of the way the path is just a cordoned off strip of tarmac separate to the road and again the surface is very smooth. Eventually you come to a road junction by another set of dock gates and you just follow the pedestrian signs out of the docks labelled “Shuttle Bus to Cruise” to the Largo della Pace facility on the opposite side of the road to the port exit.

Getting to Rome from Civitavecchia

There is an excellent train service between Civitavecchia and Rome that is easily accessible to all. We have a dedicated page for the train service between Civitavecchia and Rome so you too can see how easy it is.

Note: Fares on the Trenitalia site for the cheaper and more frequent local Civitavecchia trains are only displayed up to seven days in advance, only intercity trains with a more expensive fare are displayed further out but timetables for both are displayed months ahead.

Italian Railways Fares & Timetables

Train Tickets & Times

Civitavecchia Train Interior

Civitavecchia train interior

Once you are in Rome you can explore independently. Many Rome visitors want to see a very compact area, grab a tour or perhaps most popular of all use one of a choice of Rome hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus options like the bus pictured right.

The trains themselves are more often than not run with double deck carriages. The picture left is of a typical interior, seats are not allocated.

There is a small space between the seats where you can put a medium size case and overhead luggage rail, (see picture). Its not as bad as it might look, luggage will be a problem if you have two or more large cases per person, plus hand luggage.

Trains are not normally crowded at all except at the height of the commuter period into Rome in the morning and out in the evening.

Day trip to Rome? Maybe get off at St Peter's (S.Pietro)

If you are visiting Rome on a stopover on a cruise ship, the train is an excellent way of avoiding the high prices of the cruise line offerings.

For most doing such a day trip it's a good idea to get off the train at S.Pietro (St Peter's). Not only is it marginally cheaper than going to the terminus at Termini Station but it will save you 30 minutes, maybe more. St Peter's Station is only 10 minutes' walk from St Peter's Square and the Vatican Museums. All the Rome hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses park in front of St Peter's Square.

There are also local buses from in front of St Peter's Station that will take you into the very heart of Rome.

Using public transport for day visit to Rome from Civitavecchia details

Taking train between Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia

There are no direct trains between Rome's main airport and its cruise port, but the journey can be performed very easily with one change of train at Trastevere. The trains between Fiumicino Airport and Trastevere and Trastevere and Civitavecchia both run several times an hour and you can buy a through ticket.

If you have time for sightseeing in Rome you can take the Leonardo Express train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome's Central Station, Termini. By the platform at Termini this train uses is the left luggage office, but you can expect queues. All the hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses start from in front of the station. The Civitavecchia trains start from Termini Station.

Transport & tours between Rome's airports and Civitavecchia details

Car transfers between Civitavecchia and Rome city plus airports

The most convenient and fastest transfer solution between Civitavecchia and Rome or its airport is a private vehicle. Journey time is around 60-75 minutes. Flexible, customised tours of Rome can also be provided

The advantages over the taxi rank cabs are:

  • Personal Meet & Greet. Flights are monitored, no worries about flight delays.

  • Full range of vehicles from small cars to large coaches

  • No hidden prices. Payment by credit card with no fees.

  • Choice of vehicle to suit party size and luggage capacity.

  • Instant reservation and confirmation. 24-hour helpline.

    Free baby seats.

Private car transport & tours between Civitavecchia & Rome details

Van shuttle transfers between Civitavecchia & Rome city plus Fiumicino Airport

A van shuttle operation runs between the cruise ships at Civitavecchia, hotels in Rome or Fiumicino Airport. Executive vans are used, not small buses with a maximum 4 drops per vehicle and 8 people per vehicle.

Civitavecchia Cruise Tour Transfer to/From Rome<br>
      At Largo della Pace

Key aspects of the service are:

  • Executive vehicles used - not small buses

  • A maximum 4 drops/pickups per vehicle and 8 people per vehicle

  • No minimum numbers required - guaranteed to run

  • Standard luggage allowance of 2 large cases per passenger (max 23kgs per case) plus 2 pieces of hand luggage (max 10kg per case). Excess lugagge and mobile scooters/wheelchairs by prior agreement.
  • No hidden prices. Payment by credit card with no fees.

  • Instant reservation and confirmation. 24-hour helpline.

Van shuttle transfers between Civitavecchia & Rome city plus Fiumicino Airport details

Small group tour transfers between Civitavecchia & Rome

Travel in luxury minivan, maximum 8 people per vehicle, with professional English-speaking driver using your transfer time effeciently to include world-class sightseeing between the cruise ships at Civitavecchia, hotels in Rome or Fiumicino Airport


The service operates in both directions and combines your transfer with a professional tour of a choice of:

  • Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica

  • Colosseum & Roman Forum

  • 3 hour city tour including visits to Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Small group tour transfers between Civitavecchia & Rome details

Private tour transfers - Rome tour as part of airport tour transfer

If you are not staying in Rome for a few days and just flying in or out of Rome for a cruise, if you have time why not see a little of Rome as part of your transfer between the airport and cruise port?

The transfer/tour visits all the main sights of Rome in a few hours, or you can specify exactly what and for how long you wish to visit specified attractions in your own itinerary.

Tour transfers to/from Rome Fiumicino Airport details

Rome Airport Hotel Shuttle Bus

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