Walking on Capri for the leisure and serious walker

Practical information for walkers visiting Capri, both short leisure strolls and serious treks

Walking the Coastal Path, Capri
Walking the Coastal Path, Capri

Walking on Capri

The rugged and scenic landscapes of Capri offer something of interest around every corner and offers worthwhile walks both for the leisure visitor who wants a short scenic stroll away from the crowds or the serious hiker.

Capri is only 7km long and 3km across at its widest so nothing is too challenging, only the significant steep climbs and drops of many trails will put off the leisure visitor with a pair of sandals - though we have a recommended walk for those too.

There is a network of trails of which you can find more details from the various tourist offices on Capri and the occasional sign.

Public transport on Capri comes in the form of mini-buses running frequently all over the limited road network and will get you with no hassle to a good starting point of any walk on the island.

Walks for mainstream leisure visitor

Sign for path Capri Town to Marina Grande Capri
Sign for path Capri Town to Marina Grande Capri

Marina Grande - Capri Town

Capri Town is the main town on Capri where most day visitors end up and is situated 150m above the arrival point of all the ferries on Capri at Marina Grande.

There is a funicular railway that connects the two and certainly going up this for most leisure visitors is the transport of choice. But the queues for the railway can be lengthy and the walking option for the fit going up only takes 20 minutes, though it's a relentless climb.

On the way down, walking is recommended - if you have spent all your time in Capri Town sampling the boutiques and sophistication there, the walk will give you a pleasant taster of the "real Capri".

Marina Grande to Capri Town directions

Find the entrance to the funicular railway on the quayside and with your backs to the sea, turn left following the quayside for about another 100m to a small square.

Turn right here up a road for just 50m or so before taking a left turn along Via Truglio. It's now a relentless paved climb up a walkway to Capri Town where you come out in the centre of town by the funicular railway.

Capri Town to Marina Grande directions

This is simplicity itself, just find the steps leading down around the funicular station building and just keep descending until you spill out on the quayside at Marina Grande.

Capri Town - Arco Naturale + Optional Coastal Path

Path from Anacapri to Marina Grande, Capri
Path from Anacapri to Marina Grande, Capri
Sign/map along the popular coastal path, Capri
Sign/map along the popular coastal path, Capri

This is the classic mid or late afternoon walk after you have sampled the delights of Capri Town and would like to stretch your legs and sample what Capri has to offer outside the town.

It's very worthwhile and well within the capabilities of most and is along paved paths.

You'll wind your way through narrow alleys/lanes to escape Capri Town, gain glimpses into expensive villas before arriving at Arco Naturale, a natural cliff arch. It's under an hour there and back and there are refreshment opportunities along the way.

You can extend the walk by taking the coastal path alternative (signposted) back to Capri Town which is slightly more challenging, but again easy for most. The long stairway descent along the coastal path precludes pushchairs.

Both options are very popular and you will be joining a steady stream of people doing the same walk as you.

Capri Town to Arco Naturale directions

From the funicular station at Capri Town, with your back to the views out to sea and Marina Grande below go around the tower in front of you into a small square.

On the far left side of the square you will see a small arch offering an exit from the square and onto a narrow lane/pathway called Via Longano. After 100m bend right into Via Sopramonte which you follow for about 400m to a crossroads of paths.

Go straight ahead here and just keep going until you arrive at the Arco Naturale (there are occasional signs from the crossroads onwards).

Arco Naturale to Capri Town directions

If you want to take the coastal path route back to Capri (allow 75min) you will notice steep steps going down to your right just before you arrive at Arco Naturale. This is the start of the coastal path, the route is obvious.

The initial descent is steep and lengthy but on well constructed concrete steps. After the descent the path rollercoasts with no steep ascents or descents along the cliff side until you reach Capri Town.

Walks for the serious walker in Capri

If the main reason to come to Capri is for a walk then you will probably want to invest in a map or a guidebook.

There are official walking routes, paths and maps which should be available at the tourist offices, but perhaps it's another thing if you walk out from the tourist office with any worthwhile reference material.

Giovanni Visetti - hiker & map maker

Giovanni Visetti produces all the walking maps that the official walking maps available over on the Sorrento peninsular are based on.

He also produces a walking map for Capri. You can view/print from his website (link below).

If you are looking for a guide, there are many offering their services, but we would suggest you might want to support all to rare guys like this who put quality walking information like this in the public domain for free.

Giovanni Visetti - official website

Sunflower Books: Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri: Car Tours and Walks

Perhaps the most popular walk book in English for the Sorrento area is by Sunflower books who publish a range of titles covering many of the popular European holiday destinations where walking is a popular diversion.

Sunflower Books - Sorrento, Amalfi Car Tours/Walks

The Sorrento book also covers the Isle of Capri with a map and walking notes for the most popular hiking routes around the island.

Unlike all the other titles of the Sunflower range that have discreet separate walks, the Sorrento book is different. Because of the interconnecting nature of all the trails on the Sorrento peninsular each segment is a mini-walk in itself.

The intent is that you put together several of these segments for your own bespoke walks.

Another differentiating factor of the Sorrento Sunflower book is that there are different write-ups and timings for each direction of each segment. Timings can be very different on some of the walks with huge altitude changes.

The easiest and cheapest way to get your hands on a copy of the Sunflower book is online through Amazon, link below.

Sunflower Books - Sorrento, Amalfi car tours and walks - Amazon page



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