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Capri tours using bus, funicular and Sorrento ferry

Practical information for visitors using public transport to travel on Capri independently

Marina Grande Capri Bus Terminus

Smaller buses: Marina Grande Capri bus terminus

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Public transport Capri

If you want to get around the small island of Capri independently, public transport consists of a handful of bus routes and a funicular railway that climbs 150m from the gateway to Capri where all the ferries arrive at Marina Grande to the main Capri Town.

The rugged scenery of Capri is much of the attraction for visitors to the island and as a result roads are narrow.


To enable any transport or buses to get around the island, buses are small, seating only 10 people, plus as many again standing. Capri, the island is only 7km long and 3km across at its widest.


The main road connecting Marina Grande at sea level to the main town Capri Town (150m) and onto Anacapri (300m) is only 5km so no journey is too long.

There is a chairlift from Anacapri to the highest point of the island of Capri, Monte Solaro at 300m.


Seeing Capri from the sea is enjoyable with craft available from Marina Grande. The most popular sea excursion from Marina Grande to the Blue Grotto has a private scheduled service where you can buy tickets on the day. Open top taxi cabs are also available.


Capri Taxi Rank - Marina Grande

Capri taxi rank: Marina Grande

Taxi cabs

All the taxis on the island are open-top and can fit up to 7 passengers.


Most fares are fixed, and drivers also offer daily rates so you can have a taxi available all day to explore the island.


If you are a group, taxis are not an outrageously expensive option.


At peak times queues may be long for both buses and the funicular.

With the steep terrain, for many walking is not an option but the walk from Capri downhill to Marina Grande is within most people's capability.


The path starts by the side of the Funicular Station at Capri Town and will take around 15min. In the opposite direction you have a climb of 150m.

Path from Anacapri to Marina Grande Capri

Scenic: path from Anacapri to Marina Grande

One journey you probably won't want to walk is Marina Grande to Anacapri path, with 995 steps and a height gain of 300m. You might want to try the descent though, ask at the tourist office for directions.

We would not recommend at all walking the cliff road between Anacapri and Capri. It's potentially dangerous, with no walkway. It's unpleasant as well as you will be walking in the road.

Capri buses and funicular railway tickets

On Capri, the funicular railway and all public buses use the same unified ticketing system, with flat fares for all bus routes and the funicular. You have a choice of either buying individual tickets or a day ticket.


The day ticket option is valid for two rides on the funicular and unlimited rides on the buses for 24 hours.

For the day ticket to make financial sense you will need to make five or more journey during the calendar day it is valid.

On arrival at Marina Grande, there is a ticket office at the right end of the harbour (with your back to the sea). The fast ferries dock at this end of the harbour and the ticket offices for the ferries are all grouped together.


For the bus station go right beyond the ferry ticket kiosks about 50 yards. The bus terminus consists really of just two parking bays.


You can also find ticket offices at the main town (Capri Town) bus terminus and at Piazza della Pace, the main central square of Anacapri the second town on Capri.


If you board along the route, you can purchase tickets directly on board, but buses during the tourist season and hours are invariably full.

Bus routes

For the visitor the main bus services interconnect Marina Grande, Capri, Anacapri, Blue Grotto and Punta Carena Lighthouse.


The other main sea level town is Marina Piccola on the opposite side of the island from Marina Grande with Capri Town in between at 150m.


The funicular railway serves the Marina Grande - Capri Town route.

The main bus services and indicative journey times for the visitor are:

Marina Grande - Anacapri (25 minutes)

Capri - Anacapri (15 minutes)

Anacapri - Blue Grotto (20 minutes)

Anacapri - Punta Carena Lighthouse (20 minutes)

Capri - Marina Piccola (20 minutes)

Buses depart at least every 15 to 20 minutes.


The Funicular Railway station at Marina Grande is on the harbour side itself, though it's not highly visible.


Anacapri Chairlift To Monte Solaro

Chairlift: Anacapri to Monte Solaro

The railway can take 75 passengers at one time and takes just 4 minutes. It's not a particularly scenic ride, so don't expect views all the way.


The service runs at least every 15 minutes, at peak visitor times it runs non-stop. At peak periods it struggles to cope and you may encounter long queues.


In January and February the Funicular is replaced by a bus service.


Mount Solaro chairlift

The published highest point of Capri is 589m at Mount Solaro.


Logistically it's straight forward even for those using public transport as the chairlift starts from the heart of Anacapri at 300m. Your reward is unparalleled views around the island and beyond.


The chairlift doesn't go that far off the ground so it may be an option even if you suffer from vertigo.

The chairlift runs year round and the trip uphill takes 12 minutes.


The cost is not outrageous and if you require you can ride one-way and walk the other, though the one-way ticket is around 75% of the round trip ticket.


Getting to Capri by ferry

Fast Ferries Docked At Marina Grande

Fast trip: ferries docked at Marina Grande

There is a good choice of ferry services to and from Capri from points all around the Bay of Naples, but the two major routes are from Naples and Sorrento.

The fast ferries take about 25 minutes from Sorrento and around 50 minutes from Naples to Capri.

There are no seat reservations with each vessel, but tickets are for a specific schedule.

Independent travellers may as well leave it flexible for their return journey and buy tickets for the next ferry at Marina Grande.


At Marina Grande there is a large electronic departure board so you can see the times of the next ferries and all the ticket desks are grouped together within a single facility.

The main ferry operators to Capri from Naples and Sorrento are:

Caremar Hydrofoil and Ferries - Sorrento and Naples to Capri (includes slower, cheaper car ferry)

NLG Hydrofoils - Sorrento and Naples to Capri

SNAV Ferries - Sorrento and Naples to Capri

Gescab Hydrofoils - between Sorrento and Capri


Guided day tours to Capri from Naples, Sorrento and Rome

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