Hotel map around the Colosseum, Rome

Accommodation options marked on a street map around the Colosseum & Roman Forum

Hotel Map Around The Colosseum  Rome

1 -Hotel Piazza Venezia

56-Relais Forus Inn

2 -Dolce Vita Residence

57-Hotel Colosseum

3 -Hotel Cosmopolita


4 -Hotel Pace Elvetia

58-Valle Hotel

4 -Residenza Torre Colonna

58-Guillivenis Lodge

5 -Traiano

59-Angelinibed Rooms

8 -Hotel Bolivar


8 -Hotel Hiberia

61-Raffaello Hotel

9 -Hotel Fior


14-The Inn at the Roman Forum Small Lux Hotel

62-B&B Hotel

15-Hotel Nerva

63-Hotel Viminale

16-Hotel Forum

65-Aenea Superior Inn

17-Relais Fori Imperiali

68-Hotel Verona Rome

17-Palazzetto degli Artisti

68-Hotel Gallia

18-Hotel Richmond

70-Hotel Esquilino

18-Hotel de Rome

71-Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi

19-Caesar House Residenze Romane

72-Contemporaneo Rooms

19-Hotel Labelle

72-Enjoy Bed& Breakfast

20-Hotel Ferraro

73-Hotel Mecenute Palace


74-Old Town Apartments

20-Hotel Foro Romano Imperatori

74-Hotel Giubileo

21-Hotel Imperiali Cavalieri

74-Rhona Inn

30-Duca d'Alba Hotel

75-Buone Vacanze

31-Hotel Adas

75-Panoramic Hostel

31-Grand Hotel Palantino

75-B&B Maaggiore

31-Hotel Centro Cavour

76-Hotel Doria

32-B&B Sub Urbe Rome


32-House Monti 1875

76-Merulana Inn

33-Casa Santa Sofia

77-II Granaio Santa Prassede B&B

34-Hotel Anfiteatro Flavio

77-Hotel Santa Prassede

35-Icova B&B

78-Hotel Tirreno

36-Hotel Antica Locanda

80-Ares Rooms

37-Hotel Grifo

80-Martino Al Monti

38-B&B Al Colosseo

80-B&B Chain Gallienus

38-Hotel Anfitea Tro Flavio

101-Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

40-Hotel Apollio

102-B&B Second Floor Imperial Room

41-Hotel Artorius

102-B&B Santi Quattro Al Colosseo

41-Ancient Rome

103-Royal House

41-Soggiorno Angelus

104-NO9 Colosseo Luxury Suites

41-Monti Apartments

105-B&B Colosseo

42-The Five Oscars Inn

107-Hotel Celio

42-Cardilli Luxury Rooms

107-Residence Maximus

44-Hotel de Monti

109- Hotel Edera

50-Monti Guest House

110-Mercure Hotel Colosseum Centre

50-Ivanhoe Hotel

111-Hotel Capo'd Africa

51-I Dormienti

111-Hotel Lancelot

52-Urbana 33

112-Maison Colosseo

54-Dimora Storica Urbana

113-Ret Rome Colosseum Garden B&B

55-Koru Hotel

113-Hotel Romance

Rome Hotel Districts Guide
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