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Roma Cristiana Rome Hop On Hop Off Open Top Sightseeing Bus

Combination passes: Roma Cristiana Rome Sightseeing Bus


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Roma Cristiana is one of the leading popular hop on, hop off sightseeing buses in Rome offering a convenient service around the main sightseeing icons of the centre of Rome.

As well as offering tickets that just cover the hop on. off sightseeing bus for 24, 48 or 72 hours you can combine the Roma Cristiana service with convenient money saving solutions for all of your sightseeing needs.

One option combines the Roma Cristiana hop on, off sightseeing bus with a public transport pass. The other proposition combines the Roma Cristiana hop on, off sightseeing bus with a public transport pass and a Rome Card.


The Rome card includes admission to some of the leading sights in Rome including the Colosseum and Capitoline Museums, plus discounts to many of the others.

A third option, the Omnia Card also includes fast track admissions to the Vatican Museums and St Peter's, for the ultimate Rome travel and attraction pass.

Roma Cristiana is part of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, a branch of the Vicariate of Rome, an organ of the Holy See, directly overseen by the Cardinal Vicar to the Pope.

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi offer a range of tours and activities in Rome of which the Roma Cristiana tour bus is just one highly visible part.

The key aspect in terms of coverage is that Roma Cristiana as well as covering all the key major tourist hotspots of the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Vatican etc go further out than other HoHo buses with additional stops for some religious sites notably the Basilica di San Giovanni, the cathedral church of Rome and the official seat of the Bishop of Rome, (the Pope).


Roma Cristiana tour bus plus Rome public transport bundle (1 & 3 day tickets)

(The Vatican & Rome Card)

A straight forward proposition; combine the Roma Cristiana hop on, hop off city sightseeing bus with a 1 or 3 day public transport pass.

Full details about Rome's public transport are linked below. There is a comprehensive network of buses, trams, Metro and trains that cover all of the Rome city area very frequently.

Rome Public Transport Tickets & Passes - Full Details

The Roma Cristiana Tour Bus

There is 1 route with 11 stops that covers most of the centre of Rome and all of the major sights.

A modern audio-guide system in 8 languages ( Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese) describe for you every stop of the way, along the sites most interesting from a religious, historical, artistic and cultural point of view.

The service runs everyday, including Sundays and holidays. Buses broadly run between about 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. before starting to run down.

Roma Cristiana hop on, hop off city sightseeing bus - Full Details

Both are combined in one convenient and money saving pass that covers all your transport requirements when visiting Rome.

Roma Cristiana Rome Tour Bus Plus Public Transport Pass

Collecting your tickets from ORP, St. Peter's, Rome

On purchasing you are e-mailed a voucher which is exchanged at the ORP main office in Rome on St Peter's Square.

The official address is:

ORP Office – Rome Cristiana in Pio XII, 9 (Saint Peter’s).

Location Of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) Office On St Peter's Square Rome

Location of Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) Office
on St Peter's Square

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) Meeting Point In Front Of St Peter's Square

The ORP Office is dead simple to find as it's on St Peter's Square itself.

The office is open every day: 09.00am – 18.00pm

The Roma Pass

The Roma Pass is the “official” tourist sightseeing pass for the City of Rome (but not Vatican City) and is offered by the the City of Rome authorities themselves who own or manage most of the sights and museums you will want to see in the City of Rome.

You can get them at the official tourist offices in Rome including at Termini Railway Station, or you can conveniently buy them in advance on-line.

The Roma Pass has 4 main components:

- Free entry to the first 2 visited museums and / or archaeological sites of your choice.

- Concessionary tickets to all other museums and / or archaeological sites visited after

- Free use of the city’s public transport network for 3 days.

- Quite a good Rome city map

There is a 48 hour version that offers the same as the 3 day version, but only allows free entry to the first attraction and 2 days travel on Rome public transport.

The pass covers most of the museums and archaeological sites in and around Rome, over 45 of them. This includes the most popular Colosseum/Roman Forum, Capitoline Miseums and Galleria Borghese choices often used for the free entries under the scheme.

Once you get through your free entries subsequent visits obtain discounts between 15% and 50% on the entrance tickets.

A key aspect is that the Roma Pass doesn't include the Vatican so the Vatican Museums and St Peter's are not included.

From a financial perspective the pass isn't going to save you a heap of money, but you might find the convenience very attractive. As a crude guide, to make the pass break even you will need to make at least 7 public transport journeys for the 3 day pass, using your free entries, but this will of course depend on the mix of attractions you decide to visit.

Of course if you have a heavy programme of sites to visit executed at a brisk space you will make a real saving.

Roma Pass 48 Hour
Roma Pass 3 day

Omnia Card - 3 Day pass hop-on hop-off Rome bus, public transport pass, Roma Pass & Vatican Card

Adult €113, Child (6 to 9 Years Old) €80

The Omnia Card is the most comprehensive sightseeing pass.

When you buy this exclusive travel and sightseeing card, you get access to all Rome’s public transport with a 3 day public transport pass, the Roma Cristiana Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Bus, Roma Pass and Omnia Vatican Card.

The pass is offered through Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) a branch of the Vicariate of Rome, organ of the Holy See directed by the Cardinal Vicar of the Pope.

This complete solution to your transport and sightseeing needs include:

  • Roma Cristiana hop-on hop-off Sightseeing bus

  • 3 day public transport pass

  • Fast track admission to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with the Omnia Vatican Card

  • Fast track admission to St. Peter’s Basilica with the Omnia Vatican Card

  • The Roma Pass with free entry to two top Rome attractions like the Coliseum, Borghese Gallery, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and Capitoline Museums

  • Discounted entry to more than 30 other Rome attractions with the Roma Pass

Omnia Sightseeing Card For Rome

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