The Omnia Vatican and Rome Card - save money in Rome

Use the Omnia Card to make excellent savings across a range of attractions in Rome

Omnia Pass - a sightseeing pass for Vatican City and Rome
Visit the Colosseum, Vatican and many more with your Omnia card

Omnia Card - 3-day pass hop-on hop-off Rome bus, public transport pass, Roma Pass & Vatican Card

The Omnia Card is the most comprehensive sightseeing pass in Rome.

When you buy this exclusive travel and sightseeing card, you get access to all Rome’s public transport with a 3-day public transport pass, the Roma Cristiana hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus, Roma Pass and Omnia Vatican Card.

The pass is offered through Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) a branch of the Vicariate of Rome, organ of the Holy See directed by the Cardinal Vicar of the Pope.

There are other Rome tourist passes available for comparison.

The complete solution to your transport and sightseeing needs, the Omnia Card includes:

Skip-the-line free entry to Vatican Museums with Omnia Card
Vatican Museums free entry with Omnia Card
  • Roma Cristiana hop-on hop-off Sightseeing bus

  • 3-day public transport pass

  • Fast track admission to Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with the Omnia Vatican Card

  • Fast track admission to St. Peter’s Basilica with the Omnia Vatican Card

  • The Roma Pass with free entry to two top Rome attractions like the Coliseum, Borghese Gallery, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and Capitoline Museums

  • Discounted entry to more than 30 other Rome attractions with the Roma Pass

Is the Omnia Card worth it?

Choose the Colosseum and Roman Forum with Omnia Card for free entry
Choose the Colosseum for free entry
Free entry to St Peter's Basilica with Omnia Card
Free entry to St Peter's with Omnia Card

Savings and fast-track entry to top Rome attractions

The Omnia Vatican and Rome card offers excellent savings and fast track entry to some of the most popular Rome attractions.

Free entry to St Peter's, Vatican Museums and Colosseum

You’ll gain free entry to the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica plus choose 2 of the 7 most popular attractions in Rome including The Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum. You can also skip all the lines at some of the busiest attractions.

Discounted entry to many more attractions

What’s more, you gain discounted entry at more than 30 other popular Rome attractions with the Omnia Pass, so the savings soon add up.

The Omnia card is perfect if you are planning your trip to make the most of your time in Rome. You can chose the attractions that mean the most to you, saving you both money and time and then continue to enjoy free entry or discounts at a host of other popular Rome attractions.

Travel pass for free 72-hour travel in Rome

You’ll also get a travel pass for free access to ATAC public transport in the city for 72 hours so you can easily find your way from attraction to attraction for free.

Convenience and savings

If you have three days in Rome, the Omnia Card offers great value for money if you're thinking of seeing three or more attractions in this time. Since this is only one attraction per day and people will often do more, this card can save you quite a few Euros.

In addition many purchasers find that the skip-the-line feature is very valuable, saving them hour's worth of queuing time.

Finally, the transport component for many makes travelling in Rome much more streamlined, without the hassle of purchasing separate metro tickets.

How to use the Omnia Card

The Omnia Card is easy to use. You just buy your card online and collect it in central Rome upon arrival. You then show your pass when arriving at the top attractions and tours included, to gain either free or discounted entry. You can use the card for fast track entry at St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum, this saves 4 hours queueing alone.

For worry free travel around the city and being able to choose the attractions you are most interested in, whilst gaining free access and discounts at other top attractions, the Omnia Card is excellent value for money.

Omnia Card

Omnia Card Rome

Omnia Card
Travel options and entry into top attractions in Rome

• FREE entry to two top attractions including the Colosseum • Includes hop-on, hop-off bus • 3-day public transport pass • Fast-track to Vatican and Sistine Chapel • Fast-track St Peter's


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