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ATVO Treviso Airport - Venice Transfer Bus

Convenient airport bus: ATVO Venice Airport transfer bus

Treviso Airport is about 42km (26 miles) north of Venice just outside the town of the same name.


Treviso airport is dominated by the flights of the low cost budget carrier Ryanair that offers cheap domestic and European services.

Mestre hotels

If you have one eye on the wallet a hotel in Mestre rather than Venice itself is well worth considering.

As well as the cash savings of selecting a hotel in Mestre rather than Venice it will probably also mean a lot less stressful final leg to your hotel check-in.

With luggage, many hotels in Venice will require a tedious walk with your luggage from the nearest water bus stop to your hotel over a surface not compatible with modern rolling luggage.

At Mestre there are several good value hotels around the railway station where the airport bus from Treviso Airport stops.

Hotels in Mestre - more details

Venice train

You can get a local bus from Treviso Airport into the town of Treviso where trains run frequently to both Mestre and Venice and beyond, though this for most travellers to Venice this is not an option worth seriously considering.

Venice airport bus

As Venice is totally pedestrianised the airport bus run by ATVO to/from Treviso Airport will drop you off at the western tip of Venice where the causeway from the mainland arrives.

The bus station here at Piazzale Roma is literally the end of the road. The odds are your accommodation will be another 2-3km away by local Vaporetto (water bus) services.

The ATVO Treviso Airport - Venice airport bus also stops at Mestre with a bus stop outside Mestre railway station.

ATVO airport bus Treviso Airport - Venice via Mestre

The main Treviso Airport - Venice public transport option is the ATVO airport bus.

The Main Bus Station For Venice - Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma: the main bus station for Venice

Bus frequencies are not evenly spread out through the day at regular intervals and are also seasonable in terms of frequency.


The bus timetable reflects the departure/arrival times of flights and as a result every day has a different timetable.

The airport bus service operates to/from the bus station at Venice (Piazzale Roma) which is next to the railway station, car parks and cruise terminals at Venice.

This is literally the end of the road and to get to your hotel you'll either have to walk or more likely get a Venice water bus to a stop nearest your Venice accommodation.


The bus station at Venice is adjacent to one of the main water bus stops on Venice with services all over Venice and its islands.

The ATVO airport bus stops at Mestre Railway Station with several hotels within 200m of the ATVO bus airport stop.

You can buy tickets at ticket kiosks at the airport, Venice bus station and outside Mestre Railway Station as well as from the driver.


Fare: One-Way - €12, Return €22 (last checked February 2020).

There is a €1 discount if there is more than one person travelling.

ATVO airport bus timetables & ticketing

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